Color Guard Tryout

Attention 8th Grade and 9-11 Grade Band Members:

It is time to start thinking about tryouts for marching band! If you are a woodwind player and interested in the flag/visual aspect of the marching band show, then Color Guard is for you! Our instructors are Mrs. Issa Lewis and Mr. Cory Merfeld. If you are interested, please contact Issa at and she will give you further instructions. Also, her YouTube channel is issa1010 – here you will find examples of guard work as well as helpful videos on how to practice, warm ups, and routines. If you need a flag on how to practice, please contact Issa!

Remember, the Guard portion of OHS Bands’ “Pre-Camp” is 9am – 4pm the week of July 27 – 31, and “Band Camp” is 9am – 9pm the week of August 3 – 7. Post camp is August 10 and 11 from 8-1pm. Attendance is mandatory for the entire time.

There are usually 5 days of “summer intensives” from 9-4pm. Due to the pandemic, we may not have 5, but please be prepared for some extra summer work.

We will do tryouts via video or zoom. A date has not been set yet, but usually it is the week before Memorial Day.

Hope to see a lot of interest here! This is a unique part of our band program and our instructors do great work! If you are an upperclassmen Guard veteran, please be sure to email Issa and myself at that you intend to tryout again this year!

Mr. P