OHS Marching Band 2019 Allegan Fair Parade Itinerary

Parade Date:  Monday, September 9, 2019

4:50pm  Meet in assigned seats in band room.   Load instruments on trailer.

4:55pm  Dress into uniforms.  Do not forget the appropriate shoes, socks, and black shirt underneath. 

5:15pm  In seats for final uniform inspection and ready to load bus.

5:20pm  Load Busses.

5:25pm  Leave for Allegan.

5:45pm  Arrive in Allegan, unload trailer and walk carefully down sidewalk to old bridge.

6:15pm   Line up on Brady street, parade event #40 out of #82 (I believe we are the 3rd to last band to perform).

6:30pm  Parade begins!

6:55pm  Approximate step off time.

7:40pm  Arrive at busses/grandstand area.  Get water, load trailer, and get on the bus.

7:55pm  Depart for Otsego.

8:30pm  Approximate arrival at OHS.  Unload trailer, take care of instruments, and take care of your uniform.  Do NOT leave trash lying around in practice rooms or the band room.  You do not have to take your instruments home, but please make sure they are latched and in your locker.

Please have rides waiting for you at 8:30pm.

Let’s make it a great parade!!!

Eyes With Pride, and Rule the World!

Viva La Vida!