Summer Marching Band Survival Tips!

Important Reading for all students and parents!

  1. Come to each rehearsal early, ready to start at the call time given. We will end rehearsal at the time printed on the schedule, guaranteed. However, it usually takes students anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes to walk back to the band room from the stadium and put away their instrument/equipment. Percussion stay later (on the field) by about 10 minutes. Some students stay to help the drum majors and parents put away things – this can add ½ hour. Sideline percussion has a LOT to put away and can be later yet.
  2. Please make sure to pick up your student on time after events.
  3. Bring snacks, WATER, Gatorade, sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, good tennis shoes (no sandals), and bug spray for the evenings. Dress appropriately for the weather forecasted. EAT BREAKFAST before coming.
  4. Bring your instrument, music and a pencil to every rehearsal.
  5. If the weather looks bad, there will still be a rehearsal.
  6. All rehearsals are mandatory. Only sickness and death in the family are excused absences. Please secure rides ahead of time and plan ahead! The schedule was sent home last year and can be found on
  7. There is a difference between being sick and being tired. It is a guarantee that you will be tired at some point! Please make every effort to be at rehearsal. A doctor’s note may be asked for to excuse absences.
  8. We try to chart the show so that everyone will have an assigned spot on the field at band camp. Sometimes, we have more people than spots and sometimes vice versa.
    The best way to secure your spot is to be at every rehearsal on time and know your music!
  9. Make a solid effort to have your show music memorized before band camp and all songs for the football games (fight song, national anthem, cheers, etc.) memorized before school begins.
  10. You will be fit for a uniform during pre-camp. Please be patient with our volunteers as they assist you. Refer to the schedule on the Otsego Bands’ Facebook page.
  11. For the marching season, each band member must purchase the following items:
    1) Shoes. They are white for everyone except Color Guard.
    2) Gloves (come in different sizes)
    3) Theme T-Shirt. It is recommended that you buy 2, but 1 is required.
    4) Band proper members will need white socks. These may be regular athletic socks and may be purchased just about anywhere. They must be all white with no colored stripes.
    5) Drumline members will need wristbands.
    6) Order forms for these items will be given to you at uniform fittings or can be found at
  12. Lunch will be provided by the school, if desired, at the conclusion of the first session each day. You may bring more food if you want. Dinner is $3 each night, cooked by booster parents, $12 total for 4 nights, which is also optional as you may bring your own food. Friday night there will be a potluck/cookout with no fee collected.
  13. Come prepared to work, but have fun and make new friends! Eyes with pride and let’s Rule the World (again!).

***There should be no sports conflicts for drum/color guard camp or band camp. During the season (after sports start on August 8), be sure your coaches and band directors are aware of possible conflicts well in advance. Athletic schedules change sometimes (usually due to weather) and it is hard for all of us to keep track of other programs. The band and athletic department get along well, but we can’t help if we don’t know about a conflict in advance. Don’t assume we know about the conflict – please be sure to tell us far in advance!!!!

**** In general, the rules are: A game takes priority over a rehearsal. A
performance takes priority over a practice. Game vs. Performance – we need to talk! Practice vs. rehearsal – we need to talk! Most likely, the time will be split between programs.